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Outdoor Living Spaces to Match Your Lifestyle

There are so many places without good outdoor weather in all seasons… San Diego is not one of them. So, you should consider expanding your indoor living spaces into the outdoors.

One of the most crucial ingredients to outdoor living spaces to match your lifestyle is a protective covering. It provides shade, privacy, and protection for your outdoor furniture and features. Savon Pavers can stylize and strengthen those awnings by building the base pillars of natural stone, brick, or concrete pavers that match your BBQ or fire pit—creating a unified and welcoming outdoor living room.

A well-designed outdoor living room can extend the style and character of your home out into your yard, even if that style changes over time. The durability of Savon Paver’s materials means it can handle every time you update outdoor furniture or rearrange the layout for different seasons or evenings of entertainment without cracking or fading. The permeable pavers we offer will encourage the natural water cycle if you have an uncovered patio.

Additionally, Savon Paver’s low-voltage landscape lighting designs enable you to naturally illuminate steps, features, and walls without interfering with your open-concept outdoor living space.

Simply put, you don’t need a giant grass lawn anymore (no more weeding, mowing, or wasting water!). You can create a welcoming, low-maintenance outdoor living space with a little inspiration and a few pavers—the best outdoor living spaces to match your lifestyle.

Even though pools, covered patios, and sports courts have long been popular backyard features, many homeowners today choose to design and build outdoor “rooms” for specific purposes. Whether available space in a back or side yard is expansive or tiny, covered and uncovered, outdoor rooms can boast all the best features of their interior counterparts, including climate control, style, and comfort.

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