Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Solutions for Your Pavers

Cleaning pavers can be a tiresome job. All the dirt, sand, and grass can really sink into the natural crevices in the stone. You don’t have to worry about guests or your family seeing a dirty patio.

Savon Pavers has brand new state-of-the-art pressure washers to keep your pavers looking like new year after year. The Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer does the job quickly and efficiently.

Drought and water restrictions have been an issue. At Savon Pavers, we care about the environment and conserving our natural resources. The Hotsy saves water when compared to using a garden hose. It actually uses fewer gallons per minute, and it gets the job done faster.

Less time washing means less water used. Plus, the Hotsy uses hot water to blast away the dirt and grime. That’s something a garden hose just can’t provide. The hot wash ensures that your patio is not only clean looking but also sanitary protecting you and your family from potential germs that could be tracked inside. Trust our technicians to clean your deck, entryways, driveways, pool surrounds, or even your concrete fencing and decorative stone items.

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