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Del Mar, a quaint seaside village of approximately 4,000 residents in North County, welcomes close to 2 million visitors each year. Part of the attraction is the town’s vibrant atmosphere, dog-friendly beaches, and scenic views. Savon Pavers can help Del Mar homeowners offer their family and guests a scenic outdoor living area with a paver project.

Del Mar residents are blessed with wonderful weather, which is why homeowners choose home improvement projects like a covered paver patio, a custom-built fire pit, outdoor BBQ, and paver walkways. Other popular pavers projects in and around Del Mar in driveways, entryways, and modern outdoor living areas. Our professional designers at Savon Pavers are ready to assist you with creating a special, one-of-a-kind outdoor living area for you.
In Del Mar, pavers are a great way to give your home and outdoor living area a new look. Homeowners in Del Mar choose paver projects for several reasons, and among them is the fact they make an excellent investment. Did you know pavers:

Curb appeal in Del Mar

When homeowners come to us at Savon Pavers, they normally want to improve the homes where they live, not because they want to add features before they sell. However, in a study of Realtors, 99% of them said that curb appeal is among the top factors in attracting a buyer when you sell your home. So, down the road, pavers can make it easier to sell your home.

But, right now, we want to focus on beautifying your home. At Savon Pavers, we’d be honored to work on a paver project to add value, beauty, and enjoyment in your home. When your home has that wow factor/curb appeal, it will create a sense of satisfaction when you come home. Natural stone pavers used for driveways, entryways, or decorative retaining walls will help boost your home’s curb appeal.

So, if you make curb appeal a priority, then contact Savon Pavers, and a professional designer will create a unique design right for you, your home, and your outdoor living area.

Pavers enhance the beauty and improve the functionality of your home in Del Mar

When you choose Savon Pavers, you will work collaboratively with a designer to come up with a paver solution that is sure to transform your outdoor living area and enhance your home in Del Mar.
For example, we worked with a client whose backyard featured a sloping hill and a concrete slab. Our designer and homeowner brainstormed ways to do an extreme makeover of the entire backyard. Savon Pavers’ designer came up with a plan to remove the concrete slab, cut out a portion of the hill, increase the usable space in the backyard, and create an outdoor living space.

After our crews finished the project, we were proud of how everything came together for this transformation. The pavers project included expanding the yard and installing a patio with synthetic turf highlights. This design also called for a decorative retaining wall that featured planters and a custom-designed fire pit, complete with an outdoor dining area for the family.

The addition of the paver patio, walkway, retaining wall, and fire pit improved the home’s overall functionality and look. And, of course, it added to the home’s value, enjoyment, and wow factor.

If you are planning an improvement project, you might want to consider paver driveways, entryways, and low voltage landscape lighting because they add functionality to your home and beauty. The lighting increases safety, uses much less power, and illuminates doorways, pathways, driveways, and other outdoor features.

Pavers are durable, strong and environmentally friendly

When people in Del Mar look for pavers, they will want to select a line that’s durable, strong, and eco-friendly. Our paver design and installation company will assist you in order to choose the right kind of paver. After all, you will have to select one from several materials, including permeable pavers that encourage the natural water cycle. You’ll discover our interlocking pavers are strong, durable, and manufactured to last a lifetime.

Pavers provide an excellent return on investment

At Savon Pavers, we would love to discuss why pavers make a great investment for your next home improvement project. Pavers are our life’s work and passion, so naturally, we recommend them. However, others view paver projects as a great investment. It is good to know we are not the only ones who love pavers. In fact, a survey of Realtors concluded a number of these projects either add to the value of your home, or they let you recoup some or all of your investment should you decide at some point to sell your home.

What are the Realtors’ top projects? Here are the ones they believe provide a nice return on investment:

Next steps to explore whether a Del Mar pavers project is right for you

When we started Savon Pavers, we did so because we knew the value and the enjoyment pavers give families like yours in Del Mar and around the North County area of San Diego County. We take pride in helping homeowners’ dreams become realities. We’ll work with you to find an affordable and creative paver solution that will make you feel a sense of pride in your paver home improvement project.
It’s time for you to see if a pavers project is in your future. Here’s how Savon Pavers can help you make a decision that is right for you and your family:
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Call us for a free design

Give us a call so we can discuss what you envision for your remodel project. Savon Pavers has been in business since 2013, and we’d be happy to discuss your project and offer you a free design to see how your home will look

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Connect with a design consultant

Once we understand your needs and vision, we will connect you with one of our experienced, professional designers who will work in a collaborative fashion with you. Your designer will work with you on an affordable solution.
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Turn your dream into a reality

After you sign off on your design, then we can schedule the project and make your dreams come true. You will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when you get to enjoy your new outdoor living environment.

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