Trends in Modern Paver Projects for Your Home


You’ve been in your home for a while, and you really want to do something to give it a new look to create ambiance. More people like yourself are finding exactly what they need in modern paver projects and artificial grass installations. Whether you’re looking for paver stones to give your front entrance and driveway […]

Enhance Your Home and Yard with Belgard Pavers

GMS Urbana

When you get ready to choose a paver project, you want to make sure it looks great, the pavers will be strong and durable, and you have a variety of colors, materials, and textures from which to choose. For this reason, Savon Pavers likes to work with Belgard materials. Belgard pavers can be an excellent […]

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Our Paver Design Process

Outdoor Spaces Archives

Any good backyard transformation begins with a proper paver design process, including a beautiful paver patio, a smart pathway, perhaps a custom fire pit, and an outdoor dining area. But what if you don’t have much unusable space in your yard because of a sloping hill that eats up so much space? Don’t worry. We […]

14 Paver Design Ideas

Break up lawn with pavers

Are you looking to spice up your outdoor space? Or maybe you’re looking for a durable material or a solution to your pest problem. Traditionally, pavers are used for pathways, patios and driveways. However, there are so many other ways they can be used to solve a problem or add a little pizzazz to your […]