Guide to Maintenance of Pavers: Everything You Need to Know

You decided to invest in a paver patio or paver driveway, and you absolutely love it. Now, you want to make sure you protect that investment and keep your paver project looking new. When you understand what goes into the maintenance of pavers, you can do just that. In this article, we’ll explain what it […]

The Difference Between Hardscaping vs. Landscaping

backyard with retaining wall, artificial grass, a fire bowl, and paver patio

At Savon Pavers, we often get asked: What’s the difference between hardscaping vs. landscaping? The two are related but different. It’s important to understand what hardscape and landscape elements add to the design of your dream yard. What is Hardscape? In the most basic sense, hardscaping can be thought of as all those nonliving elements […]

Enhance Your Home and Yard with Belgard Pavers

GMS Urbana

When you get ready to choose a paver project, you want to make sure it looks great, the pavers will be strong and durable, and you have a variety of colors, materials, and textures from which to choose. For this reason, Savon Pavers likes to work with Belgard materials. Belgard pavers can be an excellent […]

Permeable Pavers: An Environmentally Friendly Option

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With ever-increasing environmental concerns, when you decide on an outdoor remodeling project, you want to make sure it looks good, but you also want it to be good for the environment. Some materials are better than others when it comes to being good stewards of the environment. Fortunately, forward-thinking designers have created a variety of […]

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Our Paver Design Process

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Any good backyard transformation begins with a proper paver design process, including a beautiful paver patio, a smart pathway, perhaps a custom fire pit, and an outdoor dining area. But what if you don’t have much unusable space in your yard because of a sloping hill that eats up so much space? Don’t worry. We […]

Savon Pavers in Action – 8 Week Backyard Transformation

Savon Pavers

Time lapse 8 week project, where Savon Pavers completes a full transformation of a backyard. Includes custom designed fire-pit, retaining wall, modern outdoor patio, with turf included in the custom design. This beautiful backyard was transformed in a fast 8 week project. For more information about this backyard paver patio project, please contact us. Call […]

Top Patio Paver Design Ideas

patio using angles for paver design

Naturally, you don’t know the ins and outs of home construction. Hence, selecting the right material for paving your patio can be difficult. If you are planning to revamp your driveway or patio, you have to consider a number of factors. In fact, this project can be an integral part of your home remodeling or […]

Paver vs. Concrete Cost Comparison Guide

Entryway Pavers

Are you planning to give your home a makeover? Have you been thinking about using pavers or concrete? Even though the interior of your house will carry a lot of importance in determining the reaction of your guests, it is the exterior that will give off the first impression. We recommend that you revamp the […]

Paver vs. Concrete – How to Make the Right Decision

driveway pavers

Have you just bought a new house? Or are you in the middle of a renovation or remodeling project? Well, this might not have crossed your mind but to give your home a look that it deserves, you have to spend a few minutes thinking about improving the condition of the driveway outside. While many […]